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Polk County COVID Stakeholder Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Kate Garner
Psst. The first slide says March. ;)
Patty Nordmeyer
Thank you Kate
Kate Garner
Of course. :)
Jake Hedgecock
Hello Iowa Warriors!
Kate Garner
While we are only a week into the Iowa State Fair, are we seeing any impact in COVID diagnosis numbers connected to the event? Or, will that take some time to measure?
Susan Judkins
How long is test turnaround taking from TestIowa and the State Hygienic Lab? Is that the only free testing option available? Should Iowans keep some of these tests on hand to reduce turnaround time? If there is a better option, how are you recommending that students and others obtain a Covid test?
Bob Goldhammer
According to the slide that was shown, individuals can get a third shot of Moderna or Pfizer after 28 days, Why are people being told that they have to wait 8 months after their second shot?
Bob Goldhammer
So it would behoove people to get their efficacy level checked on a regular basis.
Rob Inouye
follow up... will first responders be allowed to be sooner than 8 months?
Susan Judkins
If someone gained good immunity after the first two shots but then began cancer treatments, as is the case with someone close to me, would they wait eight months or a shorter amount of time?
Annie Uetz
Julie Gibbons515-243-4545j.gibbons@pchsia.org
Kate Garner
Bob - It really pertains to those who know they are severely immunocompromised - those with cancer and other diseases or regularly get a suppressant for a medication.For the average person, it's the 8-months.
Hollie Schlesselman
Are there any instances of vaccine card fraud in Polk County?
Nicole Cable
The discrepancy between the state and CDC positivity numbers for state seems large (8 vs 13%). Why has this suddenly become so much more discrepant than in the past?
Bob Goldhammer
Assuming that people who are currently fully vaccinated got their shots as quickly as possible, it seems like it would be simpler just to stick with the 8-month period rather than going back through the tiers again.
Kate Garner
What are your thoughts on at-home test kits available through pharmacies and national retailers?
Bob Goldhammer
Can you talk more about free locations to get your efficacy level checked?
Bob Goldhammer
@Helen Sorry, I missed your earlier comment due to being on a FEMA web meeting.
Bob Goldhammer
Good process to share with the public.
Meg Schneider
Thank you for all you continue to do!
Jay Tiefenthaler
Thank you for sharing your time today to give us updates!
Renee Miller
Thank you for the update. We appreciate all you are doing to keep our community safe!